My Name is Karl

I have been involved with mobile Discos since leaving school. I started as a roadie for a friend which involved setting up packing down, operating the light's and occasionally taking control of the decks.

Then rolled on the millennium it had been a few months since I had anything to do with Discos when I had a phone call from a friend. There was a venue in Cannock that was looking for a DJ for the millennium new years eve party there was only a couple of month to go and everyone was booked up. DJ's had come out of retirement just for this one night. My friend asked if I could help he had spare equipment and he was confident that I was capable, I was not so confident but reluctantly I agreed. Well that's where I first got the bug, within a couple of weeks I had negotiated with my full time employer an early bonus and purchased my own setup. A few friends and agencies soon started passing me work, then venues starting asking for me by name.

I have always had a very varied taste in music even when I was in my 20's one day I'd be listening to Rock N Roll the next I'd be listening to Hip Hop.

I enjoyed almost 10 years of DJ'ing and then came the family, being out most of the day Saturday and to tired on the Sunday was not good for family life. I held onto my Kit and occasionally did the odd family party.


As the children got older they thought it was cool having a dad who was a DJ, following a surprise party for the mother in law I thought it's time for me to pick up my CD's and start again.

So who am I ?

I am a family man who is very proud of my children and has a wonderful supportive wife, I am a very successful Business Systems Manager in my full time job & I am a DJ who loves seeing the dance floor full & takes his hobby very serious.


Please get in touch and I will do my best to make sure that your night goes well.

Please email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.